One of my best friends, Emily (, was awarded this bear for creating a magical moment while working at Walt Disney World. An older woman was waiting for a hotel room to be available with her family and they had had a lot of trouble travelling to Disney from delays to losing luggage. Emily asked her what she was celebrating and she said, “We’re here celebrating my daughter and granddaughter’s birthdays.” Emily replied, “No, what are you celebrating?” The woman was taken aback but after a moment said, “Well… I recently recovered from stage four cancer after they told me I had a 10% chance of living… So, I guess I’m celebrating being alive.”

Emily told her she would be right back and returned with birthday Disney pins for her daughter and granddaughter and one for the grandmother that said “I’m celebrating” with the word “Life” written on it. With tears in her eyes, the woman put the pin on right away and kept it on for the rest of her trip.